Good Vision and Driving.

Optimum vision is important for driving. With less than an optimum vision, while driving, you may not be able to read road signs, identify and respond to road hazards timely, or see your dashboard clearly. This is why optimum vision is essential for driving.

The most important visual functions necessary for driving are Visual Acuity, Color Vision and Visual Field. Do you drive? Are you a commercial driver? When was the last time you got an eye exam? Endeavor to GET YOUR EYES TESTED TODAY.

Today, Crispvision provided free vision screening and vision correction for 150 drivers in Eket, Akwa Ibom State. Nigeria. Our SEE WELL to DRIVE WELL campaign will help keep our roads safe. We plan to provide free vision screening and vision correction for 3000 commercial drivers in Akwa Ibom State. Nigeria.

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